Watch video on “Century’s Greatest Injustice”

Ladies: offers the following video: 18 minutes.  Sheryl WuDunn who, with her husband Nicholas Kristof, (both journalists) wrote Half the Sky. The presentation is called: “Our Century’s Greatest Injustice.”

Click here to view the presentation

Some notes I gleaned from the presentation:

Between 60 and 100 million missing females in the world. Demographers have shown, missing in current population. In the last half century more girls “discriminated to death” than all the people killed on all the battlefields in the 20th century.

One of best ways to fight discrimination and poverty – bring girls into the workforce and/or educate them. Educated women – have fewer children.  Educated men, only a slight reduction.

Women and girls aren’t part of the problem.  They are the solution.

Sex trafficking – at peak of slave trade 1780s   80,000 slaves from Africa to new world. Today 800,000 (10 times) are trafficked across international borders (doesn’t include those within borders.)  $40,000 in today’s money – a slave’s worth back then. Today, you can buy a girl trafficked for a few hundred dollars.

Maternal mortality – 1 woman dies every 1.5 minutes in childbirth around the world.  Poor rural females, mostly.

Others – devastating  injuries; most devastating,  obstetric fistula, tearing that leaves woman incontinent, and often left to die.  (Zonta International has a project in this area.)

Larry Summers, when he was chief economist at World Bank, said, “the highest return on investment in the developing world is in girls education.”

Little bits of help can be transformative.

Please take the time to view this 18-minute, excellent presentation.

Barbara Hastings


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